Want To Commemorate A Milestone In The Life Of Your Children? Consider Gifting Them With A Silver Ashes Pendant


Children find jewellery very attractive; however, because of their age, they hardly ever have the financial means to buy it for themselves. It's usually a grown up in their lives who will invest in it as a present. If you are thinking of choosing something special for a child, such as a necklace and silver charms, what must you keep in mind before you select the ideal piece?


One of the many factors to look at is, of course, safety. Nobody wants to put a child at risk. Nowadays, a lot of children experience allergies of all kinds and a notable one is a skin reaction to certain metals. Nickel is the metal that is most likely to cause unpleasant allergic reactions in children and adults alike. Fortunately, there are other materials that are regularly used in jewellery making which are free from allergens. If you're purchasing a gift of jewellery for a child, therefore, avoid pieces crafted from nickel and opt instead for something like silver ashes pendant, for instance. This alloy must contain 92.5% silver in its composition to be classified as ‘sterling silver’. The other ‘ingredient’ commonly included is copper, although germanium, platinum and zinc might also make up the alloy. But all in all, most individuals who wear silver plated charms or a sterling silver oval locket are safe from allergic reactions. The next key consideration is durability. Anything designed with children in mind should be able to withstand their active lifestyles. Items crafted from silver, such as a sterling silver oval locket, are perfect in this respect. Silver is a harder metal than, say, gold; and is therefore less likely to suffer damage.


The last factor is value. If your child loves to wear jewellery on a regular basis, then there is plenty of opportunity for it to get lost. It's hardly worth spending a large amount of money on a gold necklace charms, since a child is far less likely to take good care of it than an adult would. Sterling silver is far cheaper, but still looks attractive and shiny, so it's a good choice for children’s gifts. All that being said, on what types of occasion might you buy a child a gift of jewellery? Clearly, there are annual events such as a birthday or Christmas. But special jewellery pieces are ideal for a host of other one-off occasions, like christenings. What about a child’s first holy communion or their Bat Mitzvah? These kinds of events are remarkably important for the child and their family. It is always satisfying to mark a happy occasion with a gift that is both significant and lasting. One final idea for a truly moving gift on a sorrowful occasion is a silver ashes pendant. If your family loses a close relative such as a grandparent, their grandchild may love to have a memento to keep their memory alive. A silver ashes pendant can be commissioned and worn or kept safe for the coming years.


Whether you are deciding on sterling silver or silver plated charms, the best recommendation is to purchase jewellery from a reputable establishment with an excellent reputation for quality and customer service. That way, you will get the advice you need and the perfect piece of jewellery for the child in your life.